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Medieval Irish Castles
Castles in Ireland were almost entirely an Anglo-Norman invention, and were, to a large extent, built of earthwork and stone. Prior to 1169, the early Irish used for .

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Majestic Castles in Ireland
You see, I visited thirty-five castles in nine days. And that only made a tiny dent in the castle supply of Ireland. There are literally thousands of castles in Ireland. .

who made the irish castle

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Irish Castles
These impressive strongholds are rich in Irish history, and some of the most spectacular views of Ireland can be found among them. Most Irish castles are made .

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Castles for Sale in Ireland
These castles were built to last thousands of years, into our generations and beyond. The Irish castles listed below are for sale. Perhaps your imagination will .

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Visit Ireland - Attractions and Activities: Castles and Ruins
Stone Ruin. When the Normans' invaded Ireland in 1169, they were far superior in warfare than the Irish. As they killed and conquered they built castles primarily .

Irish Castles
Many castles in Ireland survived siege warfare, a testament to their architecture and the way they were built. The conquering Normans such as the de Burgos .

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Irish Castles - Guide to Castles of Europe
In a land of green hills and valley's, fairies and leprechauns the multitude of Irish castles scattered throughout the countryside make for some of the most .

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Irish Castles detail
Built by Walter de Lacy in County Meath on the west side of the River Boyne, Trim Castle is the largest Anglo-Norman fort in Ireland, enclosing over three acres .

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Blarney Castle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Blarney Castle (Irish: Caisleán na Blarnan) is a medieval stronghold in Blarney, near Cork, Ireland, and the River Martin. Though earlier fortifications were built .

Irish Castle Hotels - Luxury Castles in Ireland - Ireland
Glin Castle offer the best in Irish Country House cuisine, using fresh vegetables and fruit from the beautifully kept walled kitchen garden, locally produced meat .

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Castles in Ireland
Ireland is the home of many castles built over the past 2000 years, some of which are now in ruins. However in recent years an effort, costing of a lot of time and .

Castles in Ireland - Authentic Ireland
Stay in one of Ireland's luxury castles or take part in a medieval banquet castle . fine antique furniture made by craftsmen for those who expected the very best. .