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Creating Configuration Templates Using the WebLogic ...
The Configuration Template Builder makes it easy to create your own templates. . Optionally, define entries for the Windows Start Menu. . including infrastructure components, applications, services, security options, and general environment .

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Flex 3 - Advanced build options
The build options are available in the Project menu, as shown in the following . All projects in the workspace are built and application files are added to each . In the Choose Configuration Type dialog box, select the appropriate configuration type. . and history.js history management files in the html- templates directory. .

application menu option config builder template

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Adobe Flash Builder 4 * FlexUnit test environment
FlexUnit compiler application and FlexUnit application . When creating a .

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Configuration - FlashDevelop
May 16, 2011 . In FlashDevelop main menu, select Tools > Application Files. . \ASCompletion\ Generator.txt: code generator templates . Open the project properties,; Go to Compiler Options tab,; Fill the "Custom SDK Location" entry with an .

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Xcode 4 Transition Guide: Orientation to Xcode 4
Jul 7, 2011 . The level at which the build setting is actually set is highlighted in . For example, if your application has no need to have access to the . There is also a default code-signing entitlements file available in the file templates in the utilities pane. . Look through the Edit menu, the shortcut menu, and Xcode .

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Practical symfony | Day 12: The Admin Generator | symfony | Web ...
The propel:data-load task also takes a --application option. . We will also add a simple menu to make it easy to navigate between the different . The templates directories are empty, and the actions.class.php files are quite empty as well: . The admin generator configuration is based on a configuration cascade principle. .

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Openbox - ArchWiki
Oct 3, 2011 . 6.1 Manual configuration; 6.2 ObConf; 6.3 Application customization . 7.6 Python-based xdg menu script; 7.7 Openbox menu generator; 7.8 Pipe menus . While Openbox appears to understand the old options, it would be .

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Help - Eclipse Platform
Saving & Reusing Ant options · Using the Ant . Creating a project builder Ant buildfile · Executing . Showing and hiding menu items and toolbar buttons . CVS Comment Templates . Using the remote Java application launch configuration .

Creating a Simple iPhone iOS 4 App - Techotopia
Mar 24, 2011 . Begin by making sure that the Application option located beneath iOS is selected. . The Open GL ES Application template creates a basic application . in a master-detail configuration whereby a one view provides a list and second . then exit via the Interface Builder -> Quit Interface Builder menu option. .

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Ruby on Rails Guides: Layouts and Rendering in Rails
2.1 Rendering by Default: Convention Over Configuration in Action . If you want to be explicit, you can use the :template option (which was required on Rails . class will use app/views/layouts/photos.html.erb (or app/views/layouts/photos. builder). . image_tag "home.gif", :onmouseover => "menu/home_highlight.gif" %> .

Faq - JCreator Java IDE
Create a test project from the Basic Java Application template. . Open the Options dialog via the Configure menu, choose Java, Fonts and select a font from the list. . Select Runtime Configurations from the build menu. Select new or edit. The Set RunTime Configuration dialog will popup, where you can fill in the arguments .